Unlocking the Broke2Rich Mindset - 7 Steps to Authentic Growth

The Broke2Rich lifestyle embodies authenticity, respect, freedom, and growth. We’re about growing mentally, physically, financially and moving with unrelentless freedom in our thoughts and actions. Not knowing what I don’t know nor having guidance or an example for a lot of things outside of hard work, the steps to a Broke2Rich Mindset are principles I live by, follow, and have helped me become who I am and get to where I am today. There are 7 steps. 

  1. Gratitude
  2. Be comfortable in your own skin
  3. Break cycles
  4. Lean into your uniqueness
  5. Speak up for yourself
  6. Be comfortable saying no
  7. Hold yourself accountable

Gratitude in what I have at every step on this journey. Not focusing on the past or too far ahead in the future or comparing myself, situation to others.

Finding out what I like, what brings me genuine joy has helped me be comfortable in my own skin. The joy, peace, and freedom you’ll have is unparalleled.

Just because I didn’t have an example or saw no one do it in my village didn’t mean I had to settle or couldn’t do it.  Be courageous and be the first in your family, your circle, your community to do something different & break those cycles.

We all have quirks about us and are different. Recognizing mine and leaning into them relentlessly has made me comfortable & confident in who I am. 

Understanding my core values, limits, and non-negotiables helped and continue to help me find my voice and be empowered to speak up for myself. 

We often don’t want to hurt peoples feelings or disappoint them, so we say yes when we really want and probably need to say no.  Determining my goals, my priorities and understanding the impact of those ‘yeses’ and of ignoring and neglecting myself makes me comfortable saying no.

Part of growing and elevating is holding yourself accountable. There’s no reward without work. Nothing will change unless YOU put in the work. Taking ownership and responsibility for my life and actions help me check myself and hold myself accountable.

To learn more, download the Broke2Rich Mindset workbook. It’s FREE! https://www.b2rlifestyle.com/pages/b2r-mindset-workbook

Again, these are principles that have helped and continue to help and allow me to be my authentic self, grow and experience a life and new things I didn’t know about or believe was attainable. I live and work outside of the US without being military. I have a 5 figure savings account, 6 figure 401k and have travelled to over 14 countries.

You don’t have to settle! Dare to be brave. Dare to be curious. Dare to be different. 

Share your core values and principles that have helped you from Broke2Rich mentally, physically, or financially. 


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