About Us

Reimagining Wealth

Broke2Rich's mission is to build and educate a holistically healthy community that promotes physical, financial, and mental wellness.

Founded by engineer and entrepreneur Kevina B, B2R's goal is to break vicious cycles and unhealthy habits by sharing authentic stories that inspire freedom in the fullest sense. 

Broke2Rich embodies authenticity, growth, respect, and freedom.

The Broke2Rich Mindset

A 7-step framework and process designed to invite more freedom into your life. Each step affirms your journey and reminds you of YOUR power to design your own path. 

Steps to Cultivating the B2R Mindset

Step 1: Be grateful. Stay grateful. 

Step 2: Be comfortable being in your own lane. 

Step 3: Break generational cycles of negative thoughts and bad habits. 

Step 4: Accept and lean into your uniqueness.

Step 5: Speak up for yourself.

Step 6: Be comfortable saying no. 

Step 7: Hold yourself accountable.