Power of Knowing Your Why

Having a why, knowing your why - will motivate you, keep you focused, and help you hold yourself accountable. 

I was guilty of setting goals to motivate me to get things done without a single reason of the why behind it. I didn’t understand the importance and significance of a why until reading the book Change your Mindset, Change your Paradigm. Knowing your why keeps you encouraged, motivated, and persevering through the ups and downs of what we encounter in this journey of life.


I think we should have a why for everything. A Broke2Rich lifestyle is about growing and breaking cycles mentally, physically and financially and I have a why in each pillar.

All of my whys are driven by FREEDOM and rooted in the present & future life I envision for myself.


Travel is my top tier form of self-care and being physically fit is essential for enjoying travel experiences fully. I want to fit in airplane seats comfortably, have no limitations to which activities I can do because of my weight or ability. I want the freedom to walk into any store and buy pants! Letting the reason I leave without them be because the size I need is sold out NOT because I can’t fit them.  respect for her body and being intentional about taking care of it.


Travel is extremely important to me and my mental health. I want the freedom & flexibility to travel at any time and go anywhere. Financial stability & freedom would allow me to step away from corporate America early and pursue entrepreneurship creating the flexibility I desire. I want the freedom & flexibility to help others, be a blessing to strangers, and sow seeds into my family & friends.


Freedom to be MY authentic self - to think, to feel, to move as I WANT! Not feeling pressured to conform, but finding peace and joy in simplicity and doing it because it brings me peace and joy. 

When things aren’t going as planned, or I become frustrated or I feel I'm drifting from myself, I remember my whys. Write them down! Multiple locations & multiples times, daily if need be!  Go back and remember what it’s all for. Let it reignite you, encourage you, and motivate you. 

My whys even help me make difficult decisions. My biggest struggle and journey is not saying yes to every financial request from family. I recognize I operate from a place of guilt, dealing with I have it so why not but that’s for another day. Understanding and remembering my why empowers me and gives me confidence to say no when necessary and prioritize my long-term goals.

You may not have a clear why right now and that’s ok. Take time and think about the life you want, what it will take to get it, what’s important to you, what’s the consequence of not following through. And don’t worry, over time as your life elevates and changes, your whys may change. That’s ok too. Never feel it’s too late, start where you are. 

Share some examples of experiences when you’re defined why had an impact on you? You changed it as your life changed? 


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